Taken by the Demon Beast Vol. 1 – Alyssa’s Demonic Possession

Sat. October 12, 2013
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Taken by the Demon Beast Vol. 1 (Demon Erotica)Just in time for Halloween, we’re proud to announce that bestselling author Nikki Sexton has crafted a brand new series, “Taken by the Demon Beast” for fans of demons, monsters and erotica!  The exclusive new series follows the tale of three college girls enticed into attending a private event held by the rich Dr. Von Baron at his large, expensive estate.  Little do they know that the doctor has three demonic clients, each of whom has different sexual powers ready to be unleashed on unsuspecting female flesh!

The first part of the series, “Taken by the Demon Beast Vol. 1 – Alyssa’s Demonic Possession” follows the first part of the journey as the three girls arrive at the estate, and meet Dr. Von Baron.  We also meet each of the three college girls, and soon one of them has a meeting with the first “client.”  What is in store for her sexually as the demonic beast shows her the full force of his monstrous powers and abilities?  Will she survive? What about her two college friends?

Warning:  We must warn you, this latest book features strong themes include forced-yet-enjoyed monster sex between a demonic beast and a college female, as well as strong language, and terrifying descriptions of the first beast!  This book should be read with the light on, and only by those mature audiences ages 18 and up!

Nikki Sexton continues to write spanking, BDSM and D/S style erotica stories for fans of her work.  Among her other titles are “Spanked by Her Neighbor,” “Spanked by Her Professor,” and “Training Victoria Vol. 1.”  Nikki Sexton is one of our top-selling authors at Sexotica, so we’re excited to bring fans this latest work!

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